Primary Care


Primary care refers to the first contact point that people have with the health care system. 

Primary care can include:

  • General practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Allied health services
  • Aboriginal health services
  • Dentistry, and
  • Community care and social care services

Healthy Primary Care uses an extended definition of primary care for healthy living, to also include retail (shopping centres), physical activity services (community sport, gyms) as well as professionals outside of the traditional health system (Chinese medicine, naturopathy).

Our aim is to keep people healthy by enhancing the support provided by all extended primary care services.



Successful health care systems of the future will keep people well rather than respond to poor health.

Primary care services that support communities to have healthy lifestyles and enjoy healthy environments is a smart way to make this happen. 


Healthy Primary Care works with community members, health professionals, education providers and professional bodies to conduct research on how people can be better supported in primary care to eat well and live well. 

We implement interventions and programs so that doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, pharmacists and other health professionals feel confident in nutrition and have the skills to best meet patients’ needs. 

We work with Primary Health Networks to improve primary care services to put nutrition and other lifestyle behaviours at the forefront of the primary care system.