Do your PhD on the History of Nutrition in Medicine

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Do your PhD on the History of Nutrition in Medicine

Do your PhD on the History of Nutrition in Medicine.  We are actively seeking candidates who are eager and willing to do their PhD on the history of nutrition in medicine.  This is a  unique opportunity and one that requires full commitment, resources and dedication. You will not only possess the knowledge to demonstrate this theory but also the passion to ensure that the medical profession continues to rely on the fundamentals of nutrition and how they impact our health and our wellbeing now and in the future.

A SCHOLARSHIP is now available for the right candidate with equivalent Class 1 Honours to assist us unpack the history of nutrition in medicine in Australia.

To be eligible for consideration, the task requires the submission of a blog article which covers the basic premise of historical research and to unpack the hidden stories of why a situation has come to be, and ultimately inform the future.  Your submission could be the one that makes an impact on our healthcare system. Ultimately you could be responsible for changing the major role nutrition plays in modern medicine.

It is certainly no secret that we tend to learn best by looking at what happened in the past. It is also no secret that we don’t necessarily fully take this on board.  For this project, I want to uncover the events that caused nutrition to go from the once fundamental part of medical practice to the now often forgotten situation in the present.

This is your opportunity to make a significant difference in the world of medicine and truly make your mark by gaining your PhD and cementing your future role in this industry.

All potential applicants are required to please contact Dr.Lauren Ball for the full outline of this project.

Click here for further information & to apply for this unique opportunity.

We look forward to your submissions.