KTAustralia Celebrates 5 Years With New Name

KTAustralia Celebrates 5 Years With New Name

When Tamika Heiden (Twitter handle @KTAustralia) left academia five years ago to start KTAustralia (Knowledge Translation Australia), her goal was to provide academics with the support they needed to frame their academic research in terms of translation or impact. Research impact in Australia is a hot button topic and one that is near and dear to Tamika’s heart. This year, KT Australia celebrates their fifth year of helping academics with a new name that aligns better with the sector she serves. Let’s give Tamika and the Research Impact Academy a big hand!


What Is Research Impact?


To understand what Tamika and Research Impact Academy does, you first need to understand what research impact means. Gone are the days when researchers required funding to gain knowledge for knowledge sake. In today’s world, academics require funding for research that has an effect beyond the hallowed grounds of the university. The best definition of research impact comes from the York Research Impact Statement, which describes it as “knowledge generated by our research contributes to, benefits and influences society, culture, our environment and the economy.”


This means academia can have a more lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of every Australian citizen, can influence and potentially change policy, have impact in the legal arena, and even bring technological developments to market at a quicker pace.


Why Rebrand?


Tamika’s announcement is an exciting one. She has been able to change with the times and keep the work she is doing relevant. Her consulting service is now offering an annual summit and membership option to enhance the training she provides. She is backed by an international board of research impact experts, as well as six amazing associates, allowing the company to grow and change with the sector she serves.


Research impact assessments and research impact in funding has recently been introduced to and embraced by the sector, both services Tamika and her company has been offering since the inception of KTAustralia. We are seeing the educational element to link translation to research impact also being overwhelmingly accepted and it seems that this process is here to stay, not just in Australia but also all over the world.


What Research Impact Academy Offers

“My goal is to still to help as many researchers as possible to achieve more impact from their work,” says Tamika. “Our services are the same as before and we will continue to provide training on translation and research impact. We will continue to consult on grant applications. We will continue to provide our membership and the annual research impact summit.”

Research Impact Academy also has a larger global community of practice for research professionals who are doing or supporting research impact activities thanks to the academy’s network of global ambassadors. “This is a community that will be in the know and have easy access to impact expertise,” says Tamika.


We are very excited to announce that our site has now officially launched. Please visit researchimpactacademy.com.


If you have any questions or want more information on Tamika and research impact, contact me and I’ll make the introduction.

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