New Conversation Article

New Conversation Article

Team lead A/Prof Lauren Ball has written an article for The Conversation.

Lauren explains that the research world is feeling a sudden loss since the outbreak of COVID19.

Researchers not currently working on COVID19 treatments are faced with the challenges of social distancing. The outbreak means many researchers are falling behind in their work because of funding cuts, cancelled conferences and restricted access to their work.

However it’s not all bad news! Lauren argues that “the pandemic is also providing opportunity for future university leaders to understand university management, funding and governance decisions.”

Lauren also explains that Healthy Primary Care are doing their best to stay relevant in the current crisis. Healthy Primary Care is “helping plan the¬†first online conference for Australian primary care to improve access to relevant research across the country.

The article was released online today, the 21st of April 2020 and can be found here.



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