Our Impact

Our Impact

At Healthy Primary Care, we conduct high-quality research keeping
with our research themes of Putting Patients First, Helping Those Who
, and Shaping Systems. However, we understand that publishing
research is only the beginning. Our main goal continues to be a lasting, positive
impact on Australian’s, their health, and our health care systems. To ensure we
are having the right impact, we formulate our research questions by necessity, we
strategically partner with people and organisations who share our goals, and we
follow robust translation and dissemination plans.

Our Work

Shared below are cases demonstrating how Healthy Primary care is contributing to the improvement of Australians’ health and health care systems. Each feature describes our rationale, inputs, outputs, contributors and impact, and is developed with the collective help of our partners.



  • Nutricare
  • The 3D Study
  • Putting Patients First: A map of patient-centred care

Our Collaborators

We strive to create a collaborative environment at Healthy Primary Care and are dedicated to developing alliances early in the research phase. Maintaining strong partnerships is key to delivering quality research to the right audience.