Patient-Centred Care


This project, led by PhD Candidate Bryce Brickley, is exploring how to support the understanding and implementation of Patient-Centred Care by General Practitioners. 

A patient-centred approach to health care delivery has been advocated for decades by key health organisations and institutions throughout the world. Patient-centred care has been reported to support patient adherence to treatment, increase patient satisfaction, improve health care outcomes and ultimately, lower health care costs. Studies suggest that health professionals’ understanding of patient-centred care is not uniform, and the degree to which it is implemented in practice is unknown. This project addresses a lack of understanding of patient-centred care and a lack of support its implementation in practice. The PhD consists of an systematic integrative review of qualitative, quantitative, systematic review and mixed methods articles. A conceptual model of patient-centred care for general practitioners arose from this review, forming a basis of patient-centred care understanding. The model was the further developed with a focal point on its application to the ‘real world’, in consultation with patient advocates and general practitioners. The model is integral to the final phase of the PhD, which pursues novel strategies to support general practitioners to provide patient-centred care.


Bryce has partnered with health consumers, clinicians and the Gold Coast Primary Health Network to advance the understanding of patient-centred care by general practitioners. To date, Bryce has conducted qualitative research and a systematic literature review. This led to a better conceptual understanding of patient-centred care, a formation of a model, and highlighted barriers and enablers to patient-centred care implementation. The next phase of the research project is to draw upon our partnerships to translate our knowledge to assist general practitioners with the implementation of patient-centred care in practice.


This project has the potential to be implemented by Primary Health Networks in general practice and support health consumers and clinicians across Australia. This will support patients to feel supported and receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time.


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