Putting Patients First

Putting Patients First

Patient‐centred care is associated with significant improvements in peoples’ health outcomes and health care systems. We know that patients strongly desire individualised support to eat well and have a healthy lifestyle, which includes a greater involvement in decisions about their own care.
This stream of research seeks to discover the best ways to support people to be as healthy as possible. Our aim is create knowledge on what patient-centred care for healthy eating and healthy lifestyles ‘looks like’, then using that information to improve health care practices, services systems and environments.  


We are interested in questions about primary care such as:

  • ‘How do people prefer to receive support to eat well?’
  • “How do people want to best track and measure their progress?’
  • ‘What is the best format, delivery and content of care for health professionals?’
  • ‘What does ‘patient-centred’ care look like? Does it differ for different professionals?’

Recent publications include:

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