Should Dietitians be benchmarked?

Should Dietitians be benchmarked?

Should dietitians be benchmarked?

We recently asked dietitians if they would feel comfortable in sharing de-identified patient data to support national data collection on the effectiveness of dietitians.

It was published across two articles: and these can be viewed in their entirety in the links below.

Click Here to view Article One

Click Here to view Article Two

I was shocked  (maybe I shouldn’t have been) that dietitians were extremely worried about the prospect of sharing data outside of their own practice. Not because of ethics or data governance or security issues, but because they were worried that they would appear to be ineffective compared to others.

Ironically, nearly all the dietitians we interviewed had this same view, suggesting that dietitians may lack confidence in their own efficacy to provide dietetic care.

Interestingly, this is one of the key barriers to GPs providing nutrition advice during routine care, why do they hesitate yet dietitians don’t?

Would you want your dietitian to be benchmarked?

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